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Our U.S Metal Building exactly met our requirements for a high-quality metal buildings at an affordable price... more - Ron Wagnon, Site Engineer


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Welcome to U.S Metal Buildings

Affordable pre-engineered quality STRAIGHT WALL steel metal building kits

*100% Financing for Qualified Individuals *Limited Dealership Opportunities Now Available

Metal Buildings

Our Metal Buildings delivers the finest, most advanced system available in the world today. Our all steel rigid-frames are manufactured at more than 25 high-tech factories. All of our Metal Buildings are made only with the highest quality, heavy-grade steel available anywhere, and our straight-wall metal building kits are all backed by a 20-year mill warranty.

Our mission at U.S Metal Buildings is to provide you with:

A high quality metal building kit offered at an exceptional price

Concise information to assist you in your buying decision

Accurate and detailed metal building advice to suit your needs

Service after the sale

Why choose U.S Metal Buildings?

  • Our Metal Buildings are AISC Certified
  • Our Metal Buildings are MBMA Certified
  • Hurricane Rated
    • NOAs And Product Approvals
  • 100% Bolt Together
    • No Welding -All Clips And Flanges Already Pre-Welded At Factory
  • 100% I-Beam Construction
  • 26 Gauge PBR (Purlin-Bearing Rib) Panels on Roof & Walls
    • Extra 4" Overlap From One Panel To The Next
    • Most Upgraded Panel On The Market
    • Weather-Tightness Warranty
  • 40 Year Warranty
  • 15 Colors to Choose From -Baked On Enamel
  • 80,000 PSI Materials
  • All Required Hardware Included
  • Zinc Aluminum Coated Screws
    • Color Coated Tips To Match Wall Colors
    • Prevents Against Rust And Corrosion - No Rust Streaks
  • Residential Deluxe Trim Package Included
  • 27 Plants - Reduces Shipping Costs
  • Free factory blueprints
  • FREE Project Coordination
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • 100% Usable Space on Interior
  • Lower Insurance Fees: 25 - 40% Less
  • No Warping, Unlike Wood
  • No Fire Hazard
  • Termite Proof
  • Each Metal Building is Custom Made for each individual customer to suit their specific needs
  • NO Pre-Stocked Buildings or Materials