Made by the American Working Man, For the American Working Man!

I am an Inventor and needed a work area to meet my needs. My building has been the perfect solution. I was able to store a small aircraft as well. My wife is a costume maker and we were able to utilize some of the space left over for her own workspace and storage. We were just on the outer edge of Hurricane Charley and got some strong winds. At least now we have a solid building to keep our cars and our valuables safe and sound. We mounted solar panels on the roof of our building to heat our pool and I was amazed how secure they stayed during the storm.
Mike Brown
Englewood, FL
My husband and I thought the Hurricane was not going to hit us. When the news reported it was making a turn we became quite nervous. Our home was seriously damaged and the storm totally leveled our nursery and dog kennel.We had a small boat in back and can't even find it.We were happy that our building sustained the hurricane force winds. I am a schoolteacher and our school was seriously damaged. We moved the gym equipment and other valuables into our building for safekeeping. We are now having P.E. morning classes in the building. We have seen other metal buildings in the area that were damaged as well as traditional concrete and steel structures. We are glad we went with a U.S. Metal Buildings.
Wade and Teresa Taylor
Punta Gorda, FL