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I was looking for a building to maximize space for my car business while meeting South Florida Hurricane Wind Ratings. U.S. Metal Buildings not only provided me with State Certification for quick, efficient permitting, they also designed my building to code while maintaining a comfortable office space and garage.
David V. Povio
Custom Motors, Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL
We love the building. Our students are able to practice batting out ofthe rain and heat. The NY Yankees also use the facility to bring players they are scouting. U.S. Metal Buildings delivered on time and exceeded our expectations. I am also a general contractor and with the help of 3 other men erected the building in one day. Even with the Florida extreme heat it stays surprisingly cool in the structure.
Eugene Wojtynek
Pine Crest School
Ft Lauderdale
Our U.S. Metal Building exactly met our requirements for a high-quality metal building at an affordable price. And, with U.S. Metal Buildings' excellent service, our building was delivered ahead of schedule!
Ron Wagnon, Site Engineer
Chemical Waste Management
(sub. of Waste Management Inc.)
I was looking to build an indoor riding arena for children with special needs. I spoke with a U.S. Metal Buildings consultant who provided me with the perfect solution to my project. The building was easy to construct and delivered in a timely manner.
Rick Lichtenberg
Augusta GA
I wanted you 2 to see The final product. 35 X 60 X 16... She turned out beautifully, and more than what I had anticipated. You both were very helpful and professional, and I wanted to say thank you for everything. I thought I had lost my mind (and so did my family) when I decided to go ahead and make such a huge purchase and commitment with a company over the internet, and never once seeing who I'm dealing with.
You were true to your word and to our contract, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate that. To some folks this isn't a lot of money, and they would ask what the big deal was. I'm not one of those folks.
Jeff Gottlob
We were treated very well during the whole buying and construction process. The steel workers who erected the frame thought the building was well constructed. I am a very picky person when it comes to details, and you folks treated us right. I appreciated that very much, and if you want to show other customers our building, we would be happy to do that. I miss our frequent chats. Hope you are well. Regards to Adam.
Paul Ellis
We are very happy with our U.S. Metal Building. It withstood the pounding winds and rain from Hurricane Ike with only a few scrapes from some branches.
Randy Kulhanek
Angleton, TX
I lost all the shingles and damage to my home. While my U.S. Metal Building is in perfect shape after Hurricane Ike.
Joe Gonzales
Angleton, TX
We are very happy and amazed that our U.S. Metal Building did not receive any damage from Hurricane Ike! We know the true quality of a U.S. Metal Building.